If I Was a Crayon

I thought I’d start with a light post.

A while ago, I was given the prompt: If I was a crayon…
with this in consideration immediately I thought of the color I’d be, and then with further thought I realized there was so much I could do with this prompt in the brief 5-10 minutes we were given to write it. All the same, here is what I came up with:

If I was a crayon, I’d be pissed that I wasn’t a marker. Markers have stability, people don’t break their markers. Also, people don’t give up on markers. Once a crayon is a little dull, people abandon them. People use their markers until death do them part.

If I was a crayon, I’d be sad because little kids stick me up their noses instead of coloring with me.

I want to have purpose – to be understood. If I was a crayon, I wouldn’t be.
Crayons are the misunderstood, emo art supply.

But I guess if I was a crayon, I’d be grateful: for the restaurants who realize my potential for the kids’ menu. I’d be grateful for my fantastic names, and grateful for my large family: Crayola with RoseArt cousins.



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