I dreamt of a miracle,
but as most dreams go,
I have forgotten.

I open my eyes
and am flooded by the sunshine –
the green grass –
the birds flying by.

And my ears,
they perk at the sound of:
birds chirping,
the breeze blowing by.

I feel relief at a new day.
What is this feeling?
My body tingles with excitement,
my face flushed.
I think to myself –
this is content.

Suddenly, emotions flood my being.
I feel like the pool at the bottom of the Niagara Falls,
emotions pounding into me.

I feel it in my chest,
I feel it in my heart.
I feel neurotransmitters firing in my brain.
Or is that just the voices yelling at eachother
I feel my body become restless.
I am feeling fear and anxiety.
I am feeling those feelings.

No one, no part – but me.
Miracles can sometimes only be caught by a keen eye.
I integrate my selves.
We begin to feel as one.
This. Is a miracle.

I keel over and wretch,
Tears fall from my face.
Raindrops fall on my head.
I feel small,
I can feel this emotion in my body.
I can feel sadness.
I escape from disintegration
I respect me, all 22 of me.
My brain is calm.

Some miracles are hard to see.
Some are hard to name.
Progress? is a miracle.
This evolution –
Once detached, uninterested, barely existing:
Now overwhelmed with feeling, and passion, and interest!
This is a miracle.

And I don’t need a dream to prove that to me.



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