My Morning Walk

Howdy all: this is a poem I wrote with the prompt on my morning walk. And yes I did actually go on a short walk, but I will admit it was midafternoonish. Anyhow, enjoy –


My morning walk felt like a brief moment of freedom,
From burdens and rumination,
from heartache and conflict.
My body separate from my mind,
I began to float.

My carelessness took over me.
I was not careless,
I was carefree.

I floated past the stark realities of life:
Mental illness, sexuality, class, race –
Only to take in the clouds beneath my feet.

Each step cushioned by their cotton ball nature.
There was safety in freedom.
I walked from cloud to cloud,
basking in the mist of the blue sky.
They say blue skies smile at you –
Let me tell you,
it’s true.

Blue skies, clouds, the sun beaming.
They all bring comfort that things will turn out okay.
There is a freedom in the sky.

It is clouded,
but not like a worried mind.
Rather, it is clouded with reassurance.
Reassurance that life is a cycle.

The clouds will form rain,
the rain will puddle.
The puddle will evaporate
and bring back the clouds.

On my morning walk I saw this cycle,
and I accepted the rain in my life.
I had faith it will cycle.
And I knew freedom.




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