When I was a kid,
I always wanted to be Anne Frank.
considering I did in fact read the entire book.

But it wasn’t really Anne Frank
that I wanted to be.
Rather, I wanted to embody her spirit,
her positivity.

I would write in my diary at thirteen,
hoping that some day,
somebody would one day find my qualms
and think –
“how prophetic was this young girl?”

I would read about Anne and Pim,
and look at my dad,
thinking maybe we could be that close.
Maybe he understands me.

I would read about Anne and her mother,
and a seething rage enveloped my tiny pubescent body
My teenage hormones would rage,
I knew Anne understood.
I questioned just like she,
How can a mother be so rude?

And with all of her relations,
With all of her circumstances
Anne kept a steady heart.
“In spite of everything, I still believe that people are truly good at heart.”
“I don’t think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that still remains.”

Quote after quote,
I read her diary and cherished it as my own.
She lit the annex with her sunshine and positivity.
She lit the lives of many with her bright light.

I wanted to be Anne Frank as a kid,
I still do.
I practice positivity everyday,
trying to embody it.

I imagine how a teenage girl
Could live as she.
And I question myself,
with all that I have,
How can I not appreciate?
How can I ignore what is happy and good?

I want to live like Anne Frank,
I want to take my small world,
and make it big.

I want to find love and appreciation
in intolerable situations.

I want to live like Anne Frank,
and write until my heart’s content.
I want to divulge my secrets on paper,
and trust that the pen is mightier than any sword.

I want to smile,
and laugh.
To cry,
and love.
I want to write,
and write,
and write.

I want to shine my light
For those around me to see.
My annex may not be like hers,
Mine is in my head.
But I can learn to love,
And live.

And live




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