First Submission!

Hi friends,
A special shout out to the person who submitted this very powerful poem. They said that I could put their name or initials and I am choosing their initials. All the same, I would like to thank them for their submission and I can’t wait to see what more they and others have to offer!

Sadness is an emotion quite separate from depression.
I’ll try to explain it.
That’s what the rest of this is.
I feel sad when I’m not depressed.
I feel depressed when I’m not sad.
That’s when it’s especially bad.
Depression is when I say I just don’t want to leave the house.
Depression is when I can’t get the words to come out of my mouth.
Depression is when I don’t want to do anything at all.
Depression is an excessive need to stall.
Depression doesn’t like it when I cry.
Depression wants me to keep it inside.
Depression is when I can’t even try to sleep.
Depression is not something you can see.
Depression is when I skip every song.
Depression is when my best is gone.
Sadness is when I listen to sad music.
Sadness is when my best is reduced.
Sadness is resting at least with my eyes.
Sadness is something I know will pass by.
Sadness brings with it many tears.
Sadness subsides when the morning appears.
Sadness gets out of bed with puffy eyes, red nose.
Sadness does move, it just moves slow.
Sadness will do what needs to be done.
Sadness can sing.
Sadness loses to fun.

2 thoughts on “First Submission!

  1. Great work! I can really relate to depression stopping me from showing my true emotions. I greatly fear showing that side of myself. Sometimes I want to but the emotional energy involved is just too much to stand.


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