First Kiss

When I was 15, I met a person. j.r. she taught me a lot in the short time we knew eachother. she’s gone. and i love the person he has become – even if he doesn’t want me around. sometimes things just fall apart. and that’s okay. anyway this is dedicated to e.r. I doubt he’ll ever read this, but there’s a shot.

Our first kiss
Sent electricity throughout my body
The second her lips touched mine
I felt a jolt travel down my spine
And a tingle.
Well, you know where.

My legs were restless,
I was immediately hungry for more.
On her couch,
We gently lay
Tongues intertwined
Our mouths continuously moving

My hands felt her body,
Her smooth curves,
I had never done this before;
Yet somehow I knew what to do.
Soft and gentle
As I traced my finger gently down her back
I heard her singing songs to me

After that day, I was different.
I sat at the table with my dad and my brother –
And I bit my lip hoping it would feel the same way
As when she did it –
Tough yet playful
She made my neck want to stretch back.
I felt it all through the next day.

But I couldn’t tell.
So I sat in silence,
Secretly overjoyed with the feeling that overcame me.
We kissed.
And I wanted to kiss and kiss and kiss.
And kiss.
I wanted to shout.
I felt something.

We both kissed
And that feeling,
Throughout my body
I’ll never forget.
I’ve been chasing it ever since.



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