Untitled Submission

I hope you all enjoy this submission from (az). Powerful stuff people! Remember you can submit your work to me through the site or the email: cdkpoetryetc@gmail.com. Anyway enough about me, enjoy this fabulously powerful piece.

I never wanted the secret.
I didn’t act like I did.
I didn’t try to hide it
You were torturing me.
I may have lied about some things
Lies I’m not sure you believed
But what’s the excuse for how you forced me to keep my mouth shut?

How can you deny knowing how you were overpowering me when I begged you to let me exercise my freedom of speech but didn’t until you permitted it?
What else could that be but abuse?
I never wanted to be your secret.
I never asked for that.
I started out with shame
Of how I looked.
I ended with shame of how I had acted.
But I acted at your will.
I shrunk into your puppet.
I still wasn’t enough, and you didn’t even hide it.
How did you convince me that you were worth so much And I was just inadequate?

I never wanted to be yours.
You never even asked.
You said you were glad to be my first.
Who gave you the right to be glad?
Maybe you feel like you have something on me.
Maybe you feel like you taught me something.
Well you taught me a few things, actually.

You taught me how to keep secrets.
You taught me how to lie,
but not as good as you do it.
You taught me not to trust anyone,
especially myself.
You taught me not to get close to people I don’t want to lay.
You taught me sex is a thing that’s done to me.
But if you think you have something on me, you should think again.
It seems I have something on you.



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