The people in my life,
Are like my autumn leaves.
For several reasons:
As my trunk branches out,
I meet wonderful people.
And as life goes,
And the cool wind blows –
These people change;
And they find new paths
And fantastic new journeys.
And my autumn leaves change colors.

My friends are beautiful,
Bright yellow,
Burnt orange,
Vivid red,
Spotted brown,
Each leaf:

But at the end of the day,
It seems to feel like most of these people
Are like leaves,
For the simple reason that:
They leave.

Friends, professors, family.
And they all have their reasons.
And I can be both proud and sad.
I can be both amazed and angry.
I don’t want my leaves to fall off of my tree,
For I am afraid they will never grow back.

What if they fall to the ground,
And the cool wind blows them away?
And I never see my leaf again.
At least I know that that leaf was and always will be
A part of me.
A beautiful addition that changed my life,
And may keep changing my life.
Because no matter how cool the wind may blow
Or how frigid and defeating the winters may be.
Spring always returns.

Leaves continue to blossom.
New ones and old.
My old leaves may fall to the ground, yes
But spring comes and they may take new life
They may regrow in a new form,

They may fall to the ground
And instead they may plant themselves on new trees,
And wave at me with their limbs.
Branches just touching enough,
To check in.

My old leaves,
Will achieve great things
And their colors will exude confidence and greatness

And the few leaves that stay,
Are my foundation.
Those leaves have color and life
That only we can hold.

I cherish each and every leaf in my life.
The ones that left and I’ve never seen again,
The ones that left and use their new branches to check in,
The ones that will leave –
And we will wait to see how the winds and winter
Allow them to grow.

The ones that stay forever and always,
Those ones – might not be my leaves,
They may, in fact, be my evergreen pines.
And as you go on your new journey,
My friend,
I hope you stay one of my pines.



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