The Middle Ground

Today, the sky was blue,
There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky,
And starting at precisely 4:13pm,
I saw both the moon and the sun.

I looked at the trees
And followed the darkness of their trunks
All the way up,
To the changing brightness of their leaves.

The sun. The moon.
Dark brown trunks. Fiery red leaves.

The sun shone down,
Warming my soul-
Yet the wind blew
My bones rattling.

The beautiful thing
About this world
Is that two opposites
Can exist at the same time.

We can hate one,
And love another.
We can hate both
Or love both.

We can have a Donald Trump
And a Hillary Clinton.
We can have The Rolling Stones
And The Beatles.

What is most amazing;
Is what we most often miss.
And that,
Is what is in the middle.

Between the moon and the sun.
Are beautiful sunrises
And sunsets.

Between the trunks and the leaves
Are the branches,
Reaching out.

Between the sun’s warmth,
And the wind’s chill,
There is a calm stillness

There is a middle ground in this world
And while it is beautiful that two opposites can both exist
It is breathtaking to witness and live
In the middle ground.



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