A Rant on Racism in light of the Central Dauphin students.

So with the recent scandal in Central Dauphin (a student took a picture holding up a picture with a racial slur) I was gonna write a poem, but I literally couldn’t do it; instead I wrote a rant in stanzas. I am infuriated not 0nly with the student’s behavior but with the response of the public. Even those who say she was wrong perpetuate further racism in their behaviors. The number one comment I saw was people saying “how do others still see color?” Colorblindness is not the solution to racism, in fact it invalidates culture, history, and many other things. We need to learn to value everybody in regards to who they are, not regardless. If a person is of color, we can’t ignore that because that is part of who they are and their experience. We can acknowledge and appreciate and learn from diversity. Anyway that was the preceding rant. Attached at the bottom of the rant is a link to a pdf document called Tools for Change, it is an excerpt from a book displaying common attitudes and behaviors of racism.

It’s important to acknowledge our differences
But not segregate because of them.
It is important to see color
Not pretend it doesn’t exist.
And then to see color, and appreciate it.
Learn from it.

Black is just as important as white
As is just as important as any color.
And when people tear others down
Because of a quality that they did not choose
I am disgusted.

She is no lesser than he
Is no lesser than they or them.
Privilege exists, it’s a fact.
Agency is influenced by privilege.
Therefore those with privilege have to take POSITIVE action.

What is our future going to be,
When we are constantly taking our differences
And using them as weapons.
We are all of one.
How can peace be achieved when people CHOOSE ignorance?

This isn’t a poem.
This is a rant.
I am angry,
When I see students at CD posting offensive pictures.
I am angry that the people who say what she did was a mistake
I am angry at the people who say that we should not see color
Because if we don’t see color WE ARE IGNORING HISTORY.
We are invalidating experience.

To not see color is the same thing as saying
We should not acknowledge the crimes privileged people set upon targets.
Racism is alive.
Sexism is alive.
Social injustice is alive.

And people think that by acknowledging their privilege,
They are doing enough.
But by acknowledging their privilege
AND STILL invalidating others,
They are perpetuating ignorance and further violence.

So when you say, “I can’t believe that people still see color,”
Think about it, are you really helping?
Or are you just
Portraying common racist behavior?
Colorblindness is not the solution.




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