I want to spend my days
Lying in the grass
Until night falls
And I can stare at the stars.

I want to breathe in stardust
And float up to andromeda
And gossip about cassiopeia

I have always understood
Chained to her chair.
Seemingly helpless.

While her mother
Sits on her chair
As queen.

It’s not quite like that.
Is it?
Because A was not chained
By her mom.

As the story goes,
Her mom bragged of her beauty
And consequently
A faced punishment.

And yet I still feel
Andromeda in my blood,
and when I stare at the night sky
Naming constellations
I see her
And I cry,
How scary it must be
To be chained to a chair
In space.
To be confined to one small point
In the largest area that can be.

I want to scoop her up
With the big dipper.
I want to fight with Orion’s sword
And I want to keep her safe.

I sometimes feel,
That when I am lying in the grass
She is floating in the stars
And we connect.

I see your beauty
I feel your pain
And mostly I know your strength.



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