No Safe. Thoughts on Donald Trump.

My poems are becoming more and more like rants. I just can’t seem to find my flow, but I need to get my thoughts out. I know I will NOT vote for Trump. With this said, I don’t love Hillary, but she’s definitely better – at least for the things I want.

It’s 3 in the morning.
And I’m scared to go to sleep.
I’m afraid because of what I have seen.
I’m afraid of what I don’t remember.
I’m afraid of my dreams
And whether or not they are true.

It’s 3 in the morning,
And as I scan the internet.
I am afraid to be awake.
I am afraid of my future,
I am afraid of election,
And how that can impact my freedom and safety.

So what do you do,
When you’re in limbo?
When there is no safety in sleep,
There is no safety in awake.
No safe. No safe. No safe.
I hear it in my head.

My dreams tell me of rape.
My dreams tell me of abuse.
And some of them have come back to me,
And some of them I question.
Is what I’m dreaming, true?

But I sit here awake,
And I hear a man
Condone sexual assault and violence.
Not just a man,
One who can potentially lead my country.

And I am fearful,
That history will just repeat itself.
And I am fearful of the dreams
That it will create.
I am fearful
There is

I toss and I turn,
I dry heave,
Because the past has been horrible.
And the thought that this man
Thinks that words are not important.
This man thinks that
Actions are not important.
He denies his truth.
And by doing so,
He encourages others to follow his lead.

He is not making America great again by any means
He is hurting it.
He is taking his wealth and his power
And selfishly using it for his own gain.
He wants to make himself great,
And only his perception matters.

He is threatening the safety
Of all people.
People of any class,
People of any race,
People of any gender,
People of any sexual orientation,
All fucking people.

And because of this I am afraid to sleep.
Because I know that the lack of safety
Will give me nightmares.
But because of this, I am afraid to be awake
Because seeing his supporters,
Seeing his abuse and manipulation
Is a nightmare.

I am already tortured
With nightmares of what has happened
And what may have happened.
I don’t need him,
To make that worse.

With him,
There is



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