Death Penalty


I never have believed in the death penalty,
Killing someone because they killed someone else.
Afterall, weren’t we taught,
That two wrongs don’t make a right?

But I find myself questioning;
Can I kill the people in my head?
Because they are the ones,
Who kill me everyday.

I want them to know how they make me feel,
But my therapist says –
“You can’t kill them,
They are a part of you,
If you kill them –
You kill yourself.”

And I begin to think,
These parts are so mean,
Are they really a part of me?
It seems just for them to die.

It seems just for ME to die.
Because if they are a part of me
These people who abuse me,
Then I should die.

I am constantly stuck.
The only way out is to talk to them –
But I am afraid.
They have secrets.

Secrets are supposed to be fun.
But I was told they are no fun,
Unless you share with everyone.
I think that’s what my parts believe.

Because they continue to tell me secrets
And torture me and eachother.
And I then realize
That maybe I am the exception.

The death penalty is okay.
For me.



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