My Sister <3

Dedicated to Nindashell

My sister is my keeper.
She keeps my secrets.
She keeps my dreams.
She keeps my love.

Today is my sister’s birthday.
Today is a historical day.
There is only one of her.

And somehow God put
Perfection in her.
Perfection in a beautifully
Flawed way.

She is perfect
Because she raised me
And protected me the best a sister can
who is growing up while teaching another to do the same.
I think
that she succeeded.

And her flaws
Only make her more perfect.
They make her human.
Smart, hard-working, human

My sister raises three kids,
My sister loves with more than just her heart.
My sister is a hero
To her family and ours.

She has always been my keeper.
My sister.

Homework hotline.
Futon tears.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
Nonsense to other people,
But to us –
These things are little foundations.

Guicas and Big Kit Kats.
Trips to Sheetz and Michaels.
Snuggles and inappropriate jokes.
My sister is my best friend.

She is my best friend.
My keeper.
She raised me
And taught me to love
The way she loves everybody else.



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