i need to go.

Our current disposition:

The pain is like a fire
streaming up my system.
Burning my insides
and crumbling them down.

And though he is quiet
others are loud.
Is it worth it to feel this pain?
I still feel like I must go.

But I know she is hurting too,
And I don’t want to add to her pain.
Can I go silently?
So that she is unaffected?

I need to go.
I need to walk
Because I see things happening
And I know they are real.

And the nightmares haunt me,
And this pain…
This pain in my legs and above –
It burns.

So let me switch,
Let me walk away.
Let me end this.
So that they all settle down.

And she can have peace
From me.
And I no longer worry or bother her.
Everyone can be free.

-c et al


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