Once Upon a 2011 – SUBMISSION

This submission was sent in anonymously. It is incredibly powerful, and I want to say that it may be triggering. However it is so real. Love to (az)


There’s a story I used to tell
About two kids who knew each other well
One thing led to another and they had an affair
It was shameful, regretful, and I’d end it there.

There’s a tale I used to spin
About a life years ago I’m still stuck in
Where he took advantage and it ruined my life
For a while and I’m still making it right.

There’s a word that I’ve been starting to use
About betrayal of trust, lack of consent — it’s “abuse.”
And when I told it I thought I was screaming aloud
Everything I’ve always felt that I’ve come to know, now.
But it didn’t resonate, it didn’t get through
It made me feel more alone than I even used to.

There’s a word I’ve implied, now I write, now I’m saying
To clarify the vague hints that I’ve been conveying.
It’s the story I have always had inside
It’s the feelings I’ve always been pushing aside
It’s the only explanation that ever made sense
It’s been denial, reluct, fear. Confidence.
It’s the truth that I finally accept I can’t escape.
Do you hear it yet? Do you see me? I was raped.



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