Why I’m Angry – SUBMISSION

This is another anon submission, pretty powerful. Makes me sad. Glad B could share.

People wonder why I’m angry.
But clearly they are all stupid.
Cus clearly, I’m a boy.
I’m a boy and a girl’s body.
And it’s not fair to me,
Because she gets to live her life
And I’m angry.
I want her to be angry.
She doesn’t care.
You could tell her heinous shit
And it wouldn’t matter,
Because unless I whisper to her
Unless I come out.
That girl has no feeling.
I want her to be angry,
She needs to die.
And I can help her with that.
I’m angry at everything,
But mostly I’m angry at her.
And so Blade to her skin,
Or those hoarded pills I’ve been stashing.
I will come out.
Cus I’m mad.
At her, and at everything else.
She deserves to die,
For everything that has happened.
I’m not so mad
That I’m a boy in a girl’s body.
I’m mad that she can’t hold
The anger she promised to hold.



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