She Doesn’t Know – SUBMISSION

So, I received this anonymous submission – with the note “A picture to go with the poem. this one’s for you, C!” Now I have emotions and stuff. My heart feels happy and sad at the same time. I have so many feels, one of them being love. Thank you person. This poem is called “She Doesn’t Know”

She doesn’t know
How wonderful she is.
She has that heart of gold
Neil Young sang about.

She doesn’t know
How funny she is,
Though the joy of her presence
Makes belly laughs abound.

She doesn’t know
How kind she is.
But I see her think about others,
Even others who’ll never deserve her.

She doesn’t know
How sane she is,
Even when writhing with pain of life,
And voices and people unnerve her.

She doesn’t know
How beautiful she is.
Her love, her tears,
her strength, her scars.

She doesn’t know
How strong she is,
Though perseverance and fight
Have become like her art.

She doesn’t know
How important she is,
How her existence
Touches so many lives.

She doesn’t know
How destroyed I would be
If she was ever no longer
A part of mine.





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