The Dynamic Three – SUBMISSION

Another fantastic submission from the talented, C.P. Thank you for your support! Love!

Responsibility..for some
The worse curse word you can think of
Commitment…then failure
The Dynamic three
So common in you lack there of and also most importantly I am writing is so common…..
In me…
You are Dynamic # 3

I am afraid of failure
Failing you and therefore failing me…soo I take no responsibility..
..and there I go again the same old situations the same old dance….

Lord knows I have tried…..
I seem to myself…to your reaction……
Soo frustrated….I cry….
YES..Grown-ups do cry..:D

But I haven’t given up….
Because I do know this..
I am going to remain more a failure…silently….. in my own eyes..if I totally give up and fail to try——REPEAT..—-

It’s all in your hands..ALL before you now

Make that commitment…
Do the responsible dance
Swinging from the hip sometimes…it just doesn’t cut it…anymore…as you can see

You will only fail..if you fail to try….

This is really about Failure
The Third of the Dynamic Three…
What you may really be afraid of…



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