To my Lorelai

This is for you, as you go off on your new journey. ❤

As you go to conquer the world –
I am both happy and sad
Because the times that we have had
Have changed my life
And I don’t want them to end.

As you leave for this trip
I sit in awe
As I reminisce on our past together
And I am reminded
Over and over
Of your passion
And your love

Logically, I know you’re not leaving
Emotionally, I am torn.
I am proud of you and everything you’ve done
And at the same time I want to keep you near.

You are my Gilmore girl,
The Lorelai to my Rory.
I want to sip on coffee at Luke’s with you
And travel the small town of Stars Hollow –
I want to go to the Dragonfly Inn with you
And joke about Kirk.

I want to talk witty with you
And be on high speed.
I want to wear a shirt that says:
Babette ate oatmeal
And go to town hall meetings with you.

So I guess this is our seventh season.
We’re switching roles,
You’re Rory going off to work.
And I’m Lorelai happy to see you go,
But sad because I’m gonna miss
One of the people who understands me
In a way that nobody else does.

But that’s okay,
Because Gilmore girls doesn’t end at seven,
With a year in Stars Hollow coming upon us,
I am reminded that no matter how much time or distance
Passes or is between us,
We will always be able to come together.

“And if you’re out on the road,
Feelin’ lonely and so cold
All you have to do is call my name
And I’ll be there on the next train.”


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