Election Day in the USA

This is just a free write:

For those of us readers in the United States of America, today is a VERY important day. It is a day that is backed with history and monumental changes. While I have my opinions on which candidate I think would be best for MY needs as an individual and for what I think is best for our country, I understand that not everybody agrees. And you know what, that’s okay. No matter who you vote for today, what is important is that you are exercising your rights as an individual! This elections has so much on the line, on a primary, secondary, and tertiary level. The nominee that wins will influence our relationships internationally and within the nation.

The United States was built on a foundation with the metaphor of a melting pot, embracing people of all beliefs, ethnicities, races, heritages, etc. together. So that we can succeed with the advantage of our diversities.

Voting is important! Please make yourself heard, because you matter – and what you need matters. This is one of your chances to influence the future of our country. Take advantage of your resources and research before you vote.

At the end of the day, vote for who you want to vote for. Because nobody can speak for you better than yourself.

Cheers and best of luck

We’ll see you on the other side!



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