Water Bottle

I woke up late,
Got dressed in a hurry
And ran out the door.

When I got to my car,
I put my waterbottle on the roof.
And threw away the garbage in the front seat.

I febreezed the inside of my car,
To mask the smell of cigarettes,
And sat down.

I switched the heat,
Creed automatically switched on.
I closed my eyes
And took a breath.

With my foot on the brake,
I put the car in reverse,
Slowly making my way out of the lot.

I heard a bang,
Confused –
I looked around.
I saw nothing.

I reached for my bottle,
In the cup holder
And then realized what I heard.

I looked at the clock,
And in a rush,
I turned around.

To find my bottle
Spilled out on the concrete
The cap shattered.
The body intact mostly..

And I thought,
That’s me..
I have fallen.
I am broken.
My brain is shattered
And my body is somehow still surviving..
But everything inside is spilling out.

And just like that water bottle
I’m useless.
I can’t function anymore.
Not even as a cup.
So I’ll recycle my bottle.
And I’ll find a way to recycle myself.



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