Train Station

I’m sitting at the train station.
waiting for the 6:36,
or maybe the 7:36.
or maybe the one after that.

I’m sitting in the lot,
right where the gate opens
and the tracks
are accessed.

I hear the announcement.
A train is arriving on Track one.
I look behind me.

Rushing to the other side of the lot,
I run out of the car
it’s still running – keys in the engine
It beeps as I leave the door open

And I run to the tracks
as the train passes by.
I’ve missed my chance.
I can’t even do this right.

And I look to my phone,
for the next arrival –
I try to guess which track,
I consider a different station.

One where I know which track
for certain.
So there are no mistakes,
and no missed chances.

I go back to my car,
and cry.
I can’t keep fighting.
I need to get this right.

It’s raining,
and the sun hasn’t risen.
I was hoping to be done before it did.
So I’ll just wait.

People will start pulling into the lot,
I’ll have to go home;
try again later –
maybe tonight.

This is my only option
This is how I can stay safe
If I can just get it right,
And the announcement goes off.

So I sit on the tracks,
and listen
only to hear –
the arriving train is behind schedule.



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