Even Though I Want to Forget, I Don’t

My wrists are bound
And I’m frozen.
Solid and heavy.
I can’t move.
But I can see.
I can hear.
Deep voices,
The scratch of chairs
Skidding against the floor.
Shallow breaths.
Those are my own.
I want to move,
so I’m at least back in the chair
But I’m here on the ground.
I can feel drool slipping from my mouth.
My lips peeling from dryness.
I reach out for help.
My fingers find life.
It takes a long time,
but I can finally pull my arms away.
Stretch out the rope.
Quietly drag across the floor.
They must have nodded off.
They dont hear me.
I try to get up
I feel drunk,
But I’ve had nothing.
I gather my things
And stumble as fast as I can
Until I find my way.
And I write this,
Because even though I want to forget.
I don’t.



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