Long time no hear from our frequent contributor! Glad to have you back!
I saw her in The Frozen foods
and I knew…
I knew because I have seen it before….
I had been there in the midst of the confusion..the loss..recognition..and then
bam….into the abyss one would retreat to…… by the hand that god had dealt to her…..
I recognized the situation….

There was Nothing I could do
So prayed for you both on my way home..
My post…..
It goes something like this…

She will be there for you
When she is in her right mind.
Thinking you had already lost her…
She will be herself again…at a time when you need her…..
As best she can…
Maybe when you least expect it…..
( no one suspected that she could possibly or would again )
No confusion in sight.. as clear as a bell..
Like time had erased…time
She will be there….

To the Lady and Her mother in the grocery store……
In Aisle 15…



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