Brussel Sprouts

Avoidance is sometimes a choice.
A child’s repulsion at the smell of Brussel Sprouts,
pushing his plate away.
Geen mama, nee dank u

Politely he declines the Brussel Sprouts,
Justifiably, He’s lived in Brussels his whole life
Everybody knows that the sweets of Belgium
Lie in the waffles.

Avoidance sometimes is not a choice.
The movement of his friend while they play,
Suddenly scares him
And he shuts down.

waarom zal je niet met me spelen
his friend cries.
And so frightened, the boy is frozen.
He does not know, he cannot speak.

As I learn about my own avoidance,
I have to face the realities,
That while I avoid knowledgably
Most times I have to think hard.
Why am I frozen?

When you have been taught to avoid emotion
Taught to avoid experience,
It is hard to be present in the moment –
Because Life is about escape.

I want to avoid life.
I want to avoid feeling
I want to avoid breathing
I want to avoid being

And even talking about avoidance
Makes me want to avoid.
Some of this is choice,
Some of it is not.

And yet, now I have to make the choice
To Not avoid.
I happen to love Brussel sprouts.
If I can experience them – a small thing
Can I learn to experience the bigger things?



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