The Things that people who “care about me” say to me:

  1. If you can’t give me 100% love and honesty than we can’t have a relationship

to which I reply: I can commit to honesty and in that, I can honestly say I can’t 100% love you all the time.

then I guess we can’t have a relationship.

2. I don’t support what you’re doing. I think there’s something psychologically wrong with you and you need to fix it. But just because I say that don’t think I don’t support and love you…

To which I think: you don’t support who I am and you insulted me you also prefaced this with not supporting… sooo I think you don’t support me.

3. You don’t know what it’s like to have to take care of you. You’re lazy and you’re living off of everyone else, pretending to be an adult while we all do it for you.

to which I reply: you don’t take care of me, nobody is responsible for my well-being other than me. And I am being an adult.

4. If you were to change your name, I’d still call you by your birthname..

To which I didn’t respond.



Sometimes you have to choose the people who are important in your life:

People who are TRULY supportive:

“OMG! Dean’s list! I’m so proud of you! That’s my dance of joy, I ❤ the shit out of you”

“You’re a wonderful, resilient, determined, caring, loyal person.”


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