A Guide to Getting Out of Bed When You Are Depressed:

Open your eyes.
Let the dread overpower you.
Feel the weight of lead on your limbs
Try to swallow, struggle.
Close your eyes.
Let the darkness swallow you in.
This is safer.
Go back to sleep.

Toss in your bed.
Feel the cold come through the windows.
Pull up the blanket.
The warmth feels safe for half a second.
Throw the covers off.
Not Safe.
Smother your head in your pillow
Suffocation is safe.

Get up.
Drag your feet across the floorboards.
They creak. You groan.
Look down the staircase.
Tunnel down the stairs,
Stand in the rain and smoke.
respiratory therapy.
Go back inside.
Go back to bed.

Get up.
Let the anxiety motivate you
to do the things you don’t want.
opposite to emotion acti…. fuck this.
Just get the day over
Go back to bed.
Or just go back to bed.
fuck the day


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