There’s something to be said
about being frozen in time –
While everybody continues
to live without you.

Trapped, can’t move.
I feel continual pain
I feel constant struggle
and people don’t know.

And those that do,
don’t care.

I feel sad,
and angry
at the people I need
and how they don’t need me.

And while I am stuck here,
they continue to live their lives.
And when I die,
they will continue again.

It’s the only way to get unstuck.



One thought on “Stuck

  1. Stuck
    Yes I understand and I believe in rising and facing the challenges of life. Been where you are my friend….I pray you stick to your plans of life over anything and everything else. Praying for you Stuck…
    Hang in there..,,you never know what is around the corner


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